.50 BMG Rifles
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.223 Rifles

For Sale Custom Anodized AR-15 --$1100.00
20" bull barrel -- Olympic lower receiver -- Pictinney rail for a scope


Gettysburg Tribute Rifle          44-40 Henry NIB   North generals engraved on one side and South generals engraved on the other side. Never Fired - Handled with white gloves only.    $6975.00


Custom AR-15's built to your specs


Extended  Take Downpin for the back of an AR-15.

Pair of  Pins for  
Extended Take down pin for the Front of an AR-15. 
Supplental Hammer spring for the 
AR-15.   $5.95

I purchased a 50 Tactical rifle from you almost a year ago now and wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderfull job. I am shooting sub MOA groups at 500 yards with standard ball and wonder surplus ammo. Going to a rnage this weekend to crank it out to 1000 yards. I can't state enough how wonderful the rifle is. Especailly the match trigger.        Dan

I shot my gun this Saturday. WOW!!! What a well built gun. There is not recoil at all, my wife shoots the gun and loves it. I like the over all apperancae of the gun and the precision of the over all craftsmanship. The gun performs amazing at 600 yards. I can't wait to stretch it out and see what it will do.   Kris

Red, White and Blue stock with nickeled and fluted barrel

2 different stock styles

.50 BMG Upper Receiver Assembly comes complete and ready to pin on.