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$1449.00 + Shipping

.50 Bmg Upper Receiver fits on an AR-15 Lower.                                                                                      

   It comes complete and ready to pin on your lower, it comes with an extended takedown pin which makes it easier to open and close your lower .                                                                                                                                                           It is a thread in lock bolt action.                                                                                                                                               The Barrel is a Lothar Walther 36" target barrel with a 1&15 twist.                                                           It has a DPMS Hi-Rider Flat Top Receiver.                                                                                            It is headspaced to accept different manufacturers ammunition.                                                                                                                                       4 port break.                                                                                                                                                    Bi-Pod.               

Extended Takedown Pin        $6.95

Supplemental Hammer Spring                                    $5.95

1. What does BMG stand for?

A. Browning Machine Gun

2. What organization sanctions 50 caliber matches

A. The FCSA is the sanctioning body for 50 caliber matches. They also publish "Very High Power" a magazine focusing on .50 caliber sports. This is a great organization, and acts as the mouthpiece for 50 shooters - http://www.fcsa.org

 3. Are there any good books dealing with the accurate use of .50 caliber rifles

A. Dean Michaelis, who is a board regular, has published the Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course : Hard-Target Interdiction which is available at Amazon.com

4. What do the various color tips on .50 Cal ammo represent?A. From US Army, FM 23-25

A. Ball - Natural.               Tracer - Red, Maroon or Orange.                        Armor-Piercing - Black.         Incendiary - Blue or Light Blue                         Armor-Piercing Incendiary - Aluminum.                                                     Armor-Piercing Incendiary-Tracer - Red/Aluminum

5. What do the headstamps translate to.

Headstamp Manufacturer and Location
DM Des Moines Ordnance Plant, Des Moines IA
FA Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia PA
KS Kelly Springfield, Allegheny Ordnance Plant, Cumberland MD
LC Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Independence MO
LM Lowell MA
M Milwaukee Ordnance Plant, Milwaukee WI
RA Remington Arms, Bridgeport CT
REM-UMC Remington-Union Metallic Cartridge, Bridgeport CT
SD Sparklet Devices, Dover OH
SL St. Louis Ordnance Plant, St. Louis MO
SMCO Stant Manufacturing Co., Connersville IN
TW Twin Cities Ordnance Plant, Minneapolis MN
U Utah Ordnance Plant, Salt Lake City UT - Late
UT Utah Ordnance Plant, Salt Lake City UT - Early
W Winchester - Prototype and test rounds
WCC Winchester-OLIN, E.Alton IL
WRA Winchester Repeating Arms, New Haven CT 

6. What are .50 Cal ballistics like?

A. From US Army, FM 23-25
Cartridge Maximum Range (Meters) Meter Trace Average Muzzle Velocity (Feet per second)
Ball, M2  - 2930
Tracer, M1 (with gilding metal jacket) 5575 1800 2860
Tracer, M1 (with clad steel jacket) 5450 1800 3030
Tracer, M17 5450 2450 3030
Incendiary, M1 6050 - 3090
Armor Piercing, M2 7400 - 2930
Armor Piercing-incendiary, M8 6470 - 3050
Armor Piercing-incendiary-tracer, M20 6470 300-1750 3050 

7: What is the cleaning procedure for my .50 BMG AR-15 Style Upper Receiver? How often should I clean it?

A: You should keep your .50 BMG AR-15 style upper receiver clean, well maintained, and lubricated at all times. We recommend that you follow the normal cleaning and lubrication procedure recommended by your AR-15 manufacturer. The main difference is that when cleaning the rifle bore, you will need a 12 gauge shotgun brush instead of .223 cal.

8: How do I install my .50 BMG AR-15 Style Upper Receiver, extended takedown pin, and supplemental hammer spring?

A: The installation procedure for the .50 BMG AR-15 style upper receiver, extended takedown pin, and supplemental hammer spring are the same for that of any standard AR-15 upper receiver assembly. Please see the instruction on AR15.com under the "MANUALS & GUIDES" section for detailed instructions and diagrams that should help you do this.

9: What is the procedure for loading the round and shooting it?

A: First of all, you must take care not to damage the lower receiver when the weapon is open. This is a practical matter that should be followed for any AR-15 style rifle, and not just the .50 BMG upper. The reason for this is that when the weapon is open, the lower receiver is only pinned to the upper receiver at the front "dog ears" . Even if you wave your standard AR-15 around when the action is open, you will damage it. Twisting the gun puts pressure on these front ears, and they can be broken off if not treated carefully. We suggest supporting the center section of the gun whenever you have any AR-15 open, so that it does not put any undue pressure at this point. Once the lower is open, insert the crank handle into the back of the bolt. Twist out ( 6 to 8 turns ), the load the round into the shell holder  and insert back onto the upper receiver and twist in. When in check that the slot for the bolt matches the slot of the upper receiver. This is how it automatically headspaces itself. Cock the hammer and close the lower. Take the safety off and then shot.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR WEAPON POINTED DOWN RANGE AND USE EXTREME CAUTION! After firing, turn the selector to "SAFE" Pull out the extended takedown pin and open the AR-15
(Put your left hand under the float tube behind the bipod supporting the weight of the gun).
Install the crank handle and remove the bolt by unscrewing it out of the action. Inspect the chamber and ensure that the bore is clear of any obstructions. Place a new .50 BMG round on the bolt and carefully insert it into the chamber. Completely screw in the bolt, making sure the bolt slot properly lines up with the hammer.
(If you are off in threading the bolt, the hammer won't clear the slot and prevent the weapon from firing. In addition, if you do not screw in the bolt far enough, but happen to line up the slot, the upper receiver will not close and also prevent the weapon from firing. You can check by looking under the bolt assembly and noting that the slot for the hammer will align with the hammer in your lower).
Cock the hammer by pushing it back with your finger.. Close the AR-15 and push in the extended takedown pin. Turn the selector to "FIRE" and fire the weapon

The cycle time is approximately 20 seconds for the first time shooter. The loading time for experienced shooters is much quicker.

10: What should I do if I have a "hang fire" (i.e.: the round does not shoot).

A: While it is uncommon, some shooters might experience a "hang fire" condition if using old ammunition without the supplemental hammer spring. If this occurs, you must be EXTREMELY CAREFUL until you are sure that it is safe to open the weapon. Always keep the weapon pointed down range. Before opening the firearm, you should wait at least 3 minutes. After waiting, carefully pull out the extended takedown pin and re-cock the AR-15. You can then close the weapon and re-fire the round. While all other firearms dangerously expose the shooter to an open chamber, ours is the only action that keeps the chamber safely closed at all times when resetting a hang fire. This is yet another reason we take great pride in our product!

11: What's the difference between one of your custom 50's and any other custom built .50 BMG rifle?

A:  We can provide you with a "stock" custom built .50 BMG rifle, we spend an additional 20-25 hours on custom work inletting the actions, glass beading the barrels and actions, and custom fit each action to it's stock for all of our custom built .50 BMG rifles. This additional custom work ensures that your firearm is perfectly crafted for you. The custom rifles are single bolt actions, they do not thread in.

12: How powerful is a .50 BMG round?

A: Well, it's powerful :-). The average .50 BMG round packs a powerful punch at approximately 2045 miles/hour (0.57 miles/second). If you ever wondered why the barrel is so large, it is to contain approximately 12,900 psi worth of hot gas generated from 235 grains of powder.

13: How is my .50 BMG AR-15 style upper receiver tested for safety?

A: We test all of our .50 BMG AR-15 style upper receivers with a 75,000 psi .50 BMG "proof" round and 5 regular rounds before it is magna-fluxed for any defects. The magna-fluxing will show any dangerous stress fractures or cracks if they should ever be present.

14: Don't I need an FFL to purchase one of the AR-15 style upper receiver assemblies?

A: No. Since this is just the upper receiver assembly and not classified as a firearm, no FFL is needed to purchase or receive one for your AR-15.

15: Where can I shoot .50 BMG APIT or Tracer rounds?

A: You should be able to shoot .50 BMG Armor-Piercing Incendiary Tracer (APIT) or Tracer rounds anywhere it is legal to shoot regular ammunition, except where it might be specifically disallowed. You must, however, be aware that tracer ammunition is a potential fire hazard and should be treated very carefully. Some states may not allow APIT/Tracer ammunition to be used in dry area because of this risk. You should contact your local authorities or BATF with any specific questions regarding the laws for the area in which you live.

16: How long does it take to get a .50 BMG custom built rifle or .50 BMG AR-15 style upper receiver after placing an order?

A: Since we build each of our weapons to order, the current lead time on a custom built rifle is approximately 4-6 months, also the lead time for an AR-15 style upper receiver is approximately 4-6 months. There are times when this will be much sooner, however, this is the normal time to expect after placing an order. We can even start building you one early with only $300.00 down.

17: Is it legal to own a .50 Caliber weapon?

A: 50 caliber is legal to shoot in all states. It is also legal to hunt with in most states, except for 2 states having caliber restrictions. .50 BMG is the largest LEGAL civilian caliber without a license (Class 2, Class 3, C&R, NFA stamp).. If you want to keep up to date on the .50 Caliber laws, please go to the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association. We do not sell into the state of California.

18: Wont this damage my lower?

A: Not unless you are careless with it. Since the recoil of the weapon is transmitted straight back and through the buttstock, very little if any force is exerted on the lower receiver. To date we have not had any complaints of any lower receiver wear from our customers.

19: What is barrel and chamber lapping?

A: Laping is the process of taking different grits of polishing compounds at smaller and smaller grit levels, and passing swabs through the barrels and chambers.This polishes out any minor imperfections, and allows the bullet to pass through with less resistance. The result is greater accuracy in the weapon. We hand lap with compounds from 100 grit to 1000 grit, lapping at regulated levels of 100, 150, 220, 320, 400, 600, and 1000 grit compounds. Chamber lapping has the same effect except that it allows a cartridge to be loaded and unloaded easier with the smoother chamber.


20. Deposits are required on all of our rifles to include the .50 Bmg guns as well as the Upper Receivers. Since each rifle is built specifically for each customer, if the customer cancels the order or Failure to complete payment in full or to make an agreeable payment for your Upper or Rifle it will be considered a cancelled contract on your part. Your deposit will be forfeited. By ordering one of our weapons you agree to these terms. Warranty is 60 days, with no warranty on the wood.